Blog Post | October 17, 2017

4Refuel Dedicated to Texas Rebuild

4Refuel is pleased to continue its commitment to the State of Texas as rebuilding efforts ramp up in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Our operations across the state are dedicated to providing fuel and resources in Houston, and the surrounding suburbs, where extensive damage from the storm requires entire communities to rebuild. According to estimates, the hurricane and subsequent flooding destroyed more than ...

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    Blog Post | October 17, 2017
    4Refuel Announces Training Academy
    4Refuel is excited to announce the establishment of a brand new corporate training program, the 4Refuel Training Academy. Through the Training Academy, staff will have the opportunity to complete courses and curriculum to learn and improve continuously. Training and curriculum will cover all areas of the business including sales, operations, marketing, finance and human resources. In addition, courses will be ...
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    Blog Post | October 12, 2017
    Refueling yourself? Is it worth the risk?
    If you own, run or manage a company, this question is for you—how important is the safety of your employees? It’s likely your answer is something along the lines of ‘very important.’ In fact, it’s why you make sure they’re properly trained and protected to perform their respective jobs safely, whatever it is they may do. But, anyone ...
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    Blog Post | September 28, 2017
    Fuel Theft Affecting Your Bottom Line?
    It’s a dirty word, and no business likes to hear it. That’s right—we are talking about theft. Now, while theft may be a difficult topic to hear about, it is important to discuss. Whether you want to call it theft, slippage or misappropriation, industry stats tell us that’s where you will lose as much as five percent ...
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    Blog Post | September 25, 2017
    4Refuel Completes Disaster Response
    As conditions continue to improve across the state of Florida, 4Refuel crews are beginning to return home to Texas as the need for emergency fuel fulfilment decreases. Following the landfall of Hurricane Irma on September 5, 4Refuel sent available equipment and crews from Dallas to various locations across Florida including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. During this time, ...
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    Blog Post | September 19, 2017
    What do ELD Mandates Mean for You?
    If you are a company with a fleet, it is likely that new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates will have an impact on your business. These changes, coming this year in the United States and soon afterwards in Canada, mean more accurate logging of driving time and easier and faster roadside spot checks for authorities. While Hours of ...
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