Blog Post | June 25, 2018

NOAA Downgrades Hurricane Season Prediction, 4Refuel adds Emergency Coverage in Oklahoma

Hurricane Season is here, and while many businesses spend each spring readying for another unpredictable storm season, the June’s arrival doesn’t mean preparations should stop. 4Refuel has bolstered its emergency preparedness by achieving FEMA’s System of Award Management (SAM) licensing in the state of Oklahoma. This license allows 4Refuel to assist local companies in providing emergency fuel distribution services in Oklahoma while providing ...

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    Blog Post | June 14, 2018
    Storage Tanks, a Convenience or Liability?
    Nobody likes hassle. That’s why many companies have made the decision to use on site fuel storage tanks. It makes sense, right? There’s the convenience of having the fuel you need close at hand, no need to drive to a card lock, and access of course 24/7. What could possibly go wrong? While on-site fuel storage tanks do ...
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    Blog Post | February 20, 2018
    Fuel Management Technology Makes Fuel Management Easy
    Let’s face it; managing fuel is a headache. From budgeting to managing and tracking, keeping control of your fuel can be challenging. There’s fuel reconciliation and the associated administrative time that comes along with it. Nothing is simple about figuring out where all of last year’s fuel dollars actually went, just stacks of receipts and the pages ...
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    Blog Post | January 10, 2018
    Is It Worth the Risk?
    If you own, run or manage a company, this question is for you—how important is the safety of your employees? In all likelihood, it's essential. In fact, it’s why you make sure they’re properly trained and protected to perform their jobs safely. When it comes to handling fuel, anyone who is familiar knows that it can be dangerous. Not ...
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    Blog Post | December 6, 2017
    4Refuel Helps Keep Clients Moving
    Whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm, tornado, or prolonged power outage—unexpected events can have significant impacts on businesses. No matter what the situation, any downtime has a critical impact; no operations means no revenue. Like many companies in the Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, PROSHRED© of Houston was unable to operate for ...
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    Blog Post | November 29, 2017
    Make Budgeting Easier
    There’s nothing enjoyable about managing a fuel budget. Nothing simple about figuring out where all of last year’s fuel dollars actually went, just stacks of receipts and the pages of invoices and a few spreadsheets that try to summarize it all. There’s a lot those papers can’t tell you. Where does your fuel go? Which trucks or pieces ...
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