Blog Post | December 6, 2017

4Refuel Helps Keep Clients Moving

Whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm, tornado, or prolonged power outage—unexpected events can have significant impacts on businesses. No matter what the situation, any downtime has a critical impact; no operations means no revenue. Like many companies in the Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, PROSHRED© of Houston was unable to operate for several days following the storm. But ...

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    Blog Post | November 29, 2017
    Make Budgeting Easier
    There’s nothing enjoyable about managing a fuel budget. Nothing simple about figuring out where all of last year’s fuel dollars actually went, just stacks of receipts and the pages of invoices and a few spreadsheets that try to summarize it all. There’s a lot those papers can’t tell you. Where does your fuel go? Which trucks or pieces ...
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    Blog Post | November 22, 2017
    Do You Have the Right Fuel Supplier?
    If you rely on fuel, this winter could be the right time to find a new supplier. Why? There are a number of reasons, among them are productivity, fuel quality, reliability and supply. Most companies who have made the switch to on-site refueling had become tired of the hassles associated with refueling, like wasted time, decreased production ...
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    Blog Post | November 16, 2017
    4Refuel Team Honored
    4Refuel is pleased to honor our dedicated team that went above and beyond in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma earlier this year. Numerous staff members spent up to 30 days away from their families, friends and homes, working around the clock to help distribute fuel in the aftermath of the storms. During this time they displayed ...
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    Blog Post | November 3, 2017
    Is Fuel an Investment?
    Do you like shopping around for a good deal? It’s safe to say that most people do—the business world included. Why pay more for something if you can get it for less? Sounds great in theory, right? But in some scenarios, a great price doesn’t always mean a great deal and even costs you more in the long ...
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    Blog Post | October 31, 2017
    On-site Fuel Storage Needs?
    Whether it’s a long-term job or a short-term project, on-site tanks can be an ideal source for on-site fuel storage. Though convenient, fuel tanks come with their inconveniences, too—environmental regulations, costly containment pans, the potential for theft, and they can take up their fair share of space on your site. Direct-to-equipment deliveries can reduce or eliminate the need ...
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