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Direct to Locomotive Refuelling

4Refuel works with Canada’s largest rail companies to provide direct-to-locomotive (DTL) refuelling and bulk fuel delivery. We can work with tight schedules in major cities to deliver fuel 24/7 day or night, ensuring no costly excess idle time while locomotives wait to be refuelled. We can load fuel directly into the tanks of virtually any other equipment you have onsite to help you maximize your productivity.

Our experienced fuel consultants and operations team analyze the fuel requirements of your operation and create the most efficient fuelling program for your needs. This specialized level of service goes beyond just delivery and helps you maximize your productivity and minimize fuel costs.

  • 24/7 DTL & Onsite Equipment Refuelling
  • Custom Refuelling Programs
  • Strict national safety standards
  • Specialized rail safety training
  • Fuel management online reporting

Environmental & Workplace Safety

Our operations team has years of experience in the rail industry and provides specialized rail-safety training to the Certified Refuelling Specialists delivering your fuel to your site. 4Refuel follows strict ISO-based national standards for workplace and environmental safety, eliminating spills and leaks, as well as wasted fuel.

Manage Your Fuel Costs

Our professional fuel handling reduces instances of theft and misappropriation, which can impact your bottom line and affect productivity. 4Refuel gives you access to powerful online reporting to track fuel consumption for each yard, right down to each piece of equipment. Produce comprehensive reports to see how your fuel is being used, and manage costs.