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Safety Is
Our Top Priority

4Refuel operates according to ISO-based standards and follows strict national standards for hiring and training staff, workplace safety and environmental protection. We are ISNetworld compliant and committed to Goal Zero for spills and workplace injuries. Our culture of safety and care extends to every employee, from corporate management to our Certified Refuelling Specialists with certification in H2S, first aid, CSTS, TDG, WHMIS, and CPPI.

  • Strict national safety standards
  • 24/7 diesel fuel delivery to remote sites
  • High volume refuelling
  • Reliable risk management
  • Advanced computerized reporting

Specialized Industrial Fuelling Services

4Refuel provides a specialized range of refuelling services to the oil and gas industry. We deliver fuel wherever you need it: fracking sites, winter drilling programs, and camps. We can provide fuel for generators when a power source is not available, for site exploration and preparation.

Our 24/7 dispatch and support is available whenever and wherever you need it. We are uniquely equipped to provide specialized service across northern Alberta, including Fort McMurray and Grand Prairie.


Solutions for Every Need

Our versatile fleet of refuelling trucks is at your disposal, with large and small trucks available to dispense fuel at high volume. We have single axle vehicles for easy maneuverability at construction and oilfield sites, and larger tandems, triaxle vehicles and Super Bs to accommodate larger deliveries and bulk service. All of our vehicles are equipped with high tech computer equipment to facilitate tracking and online fuel reporting.

4Refuel provides a range of fuel tanks, from portable storage tanks and slip tanks to large 75,000 litre double walled tanks. Our tank service manages spill containment, crash protection, and tank monitoring. We mob and de-mob units to and from sites for you, and we can provide cardlock management solutions with fobs and PIN codes on fuel tanks.

Reliable & Consistent Service

Historically, there have been shortages in the oil and gas sector that have left businesses hanging.  By strategically managing risks and sourcing from multiple suppliers, 4Refuel ensures you’ll never run out of fuel even when fuel is in short supply

Plant Turnarounds and Shutdowns

4Refuel supports many large companies with large projects that require dedicated tankers 24/7, ensuring no impact to the fuel supply during these critical periods.

Manage Your Fuel Costs

Track where every drop of your fuel is going for your entire site and project, down to each individual piece of equipment. Our advanced technology includes scanning equipment, RFID tags, and FMO Fuel Reporting of cost and utilization.