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Mobile On-Site Refuelling 
Beyond Traditional Fuels

4Refuel offers mobile on-site refuelling for a full suite of gaseous alternative fuel products including CNG, RNG, and Hydrogen. Our GaaS (Gas as a Service) solution is a best fit for companies taking measures to diversify their sustainable energy mix within their fleet vehicles or heavy-equipment assortment.  

Our  SWIFTTM portable dispensing system offers all the benefits of permanent R-CNG fast-fill stations, with the added flexibility of direct-to-equipment refuelling infrastructure that is easily deployed wherever it’s needed. 

As companies are transitioning to lower carbon energy sources to reduce their own GHG emissions and support international emissions agreements, 4Refuel has taken an energy-agnostic approach by offering GaaS (gas-as-a-service), delivering CNG, RNG and Hydrogen. The use of our low carbon fuels directly supports our customer's in achieving their Scope 1 emissions reduction targets.

  • Flexible 24/7 and emergency fuel delivery
  • Reduce costs, increase productivity
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Reliable & flexible service
  • Powerful technology & reporting


Certified Refueling Professionals

Our Certified Refueling Professionals follow strict ISO-based fuel handling national safety standards to reduce risk and provide you with reliable, safe, and sustainable service.