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Switch to a Better Bulk Fuel Solution

4Refuel provides bulk diesel & gas fuel delivery in small and large quantities on an auto-fill or emergency basis. For companies that require bulk fuel, 4Refuel can supply bulk tanks in many sizes. Whether you’re in construction or oil and gas and require a tank for a short term project; or in transportationrail or marine and require permanent tank storage, 4Refuel has you covered.  We ensure that you always have fuel when and where you need it.

Manage your fuel purchase and review all transactions through our Fuel Management Online service; your fuel details are automatically tracked and posted after delivery. See how your fuel is being used, right down to each individual piece of equipment. Our service operates 24/7, and our Certified Refuelling Professionals follow strict national safety and environmental standards.

  • 24/7 Auto-fill or Emergency Delivery
  • Bulk Fuel Tank Rental
  • Bulk Diesel & Gas Delivery Service to Remote Areas
  • Flexible & Reliable Service
  • Powerful & Comprehensive Fuel Reporting