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Eliminate the
Costly Downtime
of Refuelling

Do you know how long it takes your business to get fuel? When your operators take time out of their day to refuel, the time and expense of refuelling adds up quickly. Consider the travel time to a filling station, the time it takes to fill up the tank, and the time it takes to return to work. According to industry averages this process can take 30 minutes for every vehicle or piece of equipment, every day, and equals thousands of hours every year. You may not see it, but your business is paying big for the extra labour, administration, overhead and lost productivity.

During this downtime you’re not getting anything in return. No product is delivered, and no construction is taking place. A fleet of 30 vehicles loses over 3,900 hours a year just getting fuel, which is the equivalent of over 16 unproductive days in a year. Worse still, few businesses accurately track their fuelling details so there is no way of managing where it goes, how efficiently it’s used, how much may be going missing, or simply how much their fuel investment earned them. Determine the cost of your own refuelling with our Fuel Savings Calculator.

  • Flexible 24/7 and emergency fuel delivery
  • Reduce costs, increase productivity
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Reliable & flexible service
  • Powerful technology & reporting

Save Time & INCREASE Productivity with On-Site Refuelling

4Refuel is the leader in mobile on-site refueling, saving you time and labour costs while increasing your productivity. We deliver fuel 24/7/365 directly to your vehicles or equipment safely wherever and whenever you need it.


Reduce overtime costs and equipment downtime.
Your business is no longer paying for hours of unproductive labor while operators go to find fuel supply. We optimize your last-mile fuel logistics and reduce your STEM times.

Keep your equipment fueled and ready at all times.
When equipment is fuelled and ready for the start of the workday, there are no interruptions for fleet or site managers to worry about. On average your business gains ~30 minutes of productive time per day to move more goods, deliver more packages, excavate, and construct more buildings.

A Single Source for All Your
Fuel Needs

We offer the convenience of being your sole refueling partner, as well as fulfillment continuity for all of your advanced energy needs. 4Refuel is the largest company in North America whose sole focus is mobile refuelling service. With over 200 trucks delivering fuel wherever our clients need it.

Ease the administrative burden of managing fuel purchasing and multiple relationships for different regions or job sites; 4Refuel has the broad geographic coverage to serve your fleet fuel or site fuel needs wherever and whenever you need support.


Our Certified Refueling Professionals follow strict ISO-based fuel handling national safety standards to reduce risk and provide you with reliable, safe, and sustainable service.


We can also provide bulk fuel delivery and service remote locations. If you’re in need of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) along with your diesel fuel, we have you covered, all from one source.

4Refuel strategically maintains relationships with a variety of suppliers to ensure uninterrupted access even in a fuel shortage.


Each time 4Refuel fills a fuel storage tank, train, ship, truck, crane or bulldozer, details of the transaction are electronically attached to the equipment identification number and relayed to a secure central server where clients can see them. The system is called Fuel Management Online (FMO) and it provides clients a national cost control center for their second-highest operating cost. 

Analyze fuel consumption trends, summarize costs, measure your emission reductions, and manage fuel budgets. Report on costs by job site or project, per period, for an equipment group, an entire fleet, or down to a single vehicle or piece of equipment. Forecast future projects by checking performance against budget on current and past projects.