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Blog Posts | November 14, 2017

Safe Fuel Handling

At 4Refuel, we value the importance of safety, in fact, it's top priority. We have developed exclusive safety programs and safeguards to make sure our staff are more than adequately trained to safely transport and deliver fuel to your sites and equipment. 4Refuel follows the highest standards for hiring, training and operating according to a strict national standards program to ensure quality service, ...

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    Blog Posts | November 8, 2017
    Don’t Get Left in the Dark
    Many businesses rely on generators to power their operations, or as backup power sources in case of unexpected outages. So it’s important to keep your generators filled up and ready to go at all times—especially during the winter season. Unpredictable winter storms have the potential to knock out power and slow your business down to a grinding halt. ...
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    Blog Posts | November 3, 2017
    Is Fuel an Investment?
    Do you like shopping around for a good deal? It’s safe to say that most people do—the business world included. Why pay more for something if you can get it for less? Sounds great in theory, right? But in some scenarios, a great price doesn’t always mean a great deal and can even cost you more in the long ...
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    Blog Posts | October 26, 2017
    4Refuel Opens Doors for Take Our Kids to Work Day
    4Refuel is excited to open its doors to high school students for Take Our Kids to Work Day 2017 on Wednesday, November 1. As part of our commitment to learning and education, 4Refuel is pleased to partake in this important initiative and showcase a wide range of future employment opportunities to Canadian youth. Grade 9 students will spend the ...
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    Blog Posts | October 24, 2017
    You Can’t Minimize the Importance of Safety
    Since foundation in 1995, 4Refuel has committed itself to safety. And as a safety-first organization, we ensure our employees are provided with in-depth and industry-leading training to ensure safe delivery of fuel products to your equipment. Certified Refuelling Professionals Our fuel handlers, Certified Refuelling Professionals, are the highest trained in the business. After completing a rigorous three-month training course, ...
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    Blog Posts | October 20, 2017
    Overpaying For Fuel?
    In today’s business world it’s no secret that companies are looking to cut costs and gain efficiencies wherever possible. And since fuel has become one of the most substantial expenses for many industries, cutting back is always a thought, but not always an option since production and livelihood are fuel-reliant. Reducing consumption is certainly possible through implementing techniques ...
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