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Blog Posts | August 31, 2018

4Refuel Operations Team Leader Completes Arctic Quest

Spanning two provinces, two territories, one U.S. State and nearly 8,000 kilometres, it was a trip that won’t soon be forgotten. Like many of the adventures 4Refuel Operations Team Leader Jamie Howe finds himself on, it was on a motorcycle. Howe completed the trip through Canada’s Arctic alongside colleague Keith Lamb, Director of Fleet and Safety, and six of their motorcycle pals—something he’s ...

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    Blog Posts | August 20, 2018
    4Refuel Director Completes Arctic Quest
    Spanning two provinces, two territories, one U.S. State and nearly 8,000 kilometres, it was a trip of a lifetime for 4Refuel Director of Fleet and Safety, Keith Lamb. And that’s not to mention it was all on the seat of a motorcycle. The two-plus-week long super-trip through the Arctic included stops at the Arctic Circle, the Arctic Ocean ...
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    Blog Posts | July 4, 2018
    4Refuel Welcomes Trevor Shaw
    4Refuel welcomes Trevor Shaw to the team as Fuel Consultant for the Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville area. Shaw joins 4Refuel with over 10 years experience in sales, as well as a career in the Canadian Football League. Selected in the First Round of the 1994 CFL Draft, Shaw spent four seasons with the B.C. Lions, before a trade sent him to ...
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    Blog Posts | June 25, 2018
    NOAA Downgrades Hurricane Season Prediction, 4Refuel adds Emergency Coverage in Oklahoma
    Hurricane Season is here, and while many businesses spend each spring readying for another unpredictable storm season, the June’s arrival doesn’t mean preparations should stop. 4Refuel has bolstered its emergency preparedness by achieving FEMA’s System of Award Management (SAM) licensing in the state of Oklahoma. This license allows 4Refuel to assist local companies in providing emergency fuel distribution ...
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    Blog Posts | June 21, 2018
    Another Fuel Shortage Over
    With refineries back online, diesel supply has returned to normal across Ontario. We are pleased to confirm that all 4Refuel clients received fuel during the three-week long crisis, which caused many retail stations and card locks to close and limited many suppliers' access to fuel. 4Refuel’s vast supply network and fleet of over 220 tanker trucks across North ...
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    Blog Posts | June 14, 2018
    Storage Tanks, a Convenience or Liability?
    Nobody likes hassle. That’s why many companies have made the decision to use on site fuel storage tanks. It makes sense, right? There’s the convenience of having the fuel you need close at hand, no need to drive to a card lock, and access of course 24/7. What could possibly go wrong? While on-site fuel storage tanks do ...
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