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Blog Posts | August 9, 2017

Fuelling the Fun

When you think about festivals what comes to mind? How about concerts, food, art and culture, midways, fairs and circus events?

While we have fun and enjoy the entertainment, rides, vendor areas, delicacies and cold drinks, we often don’t think about what keeps it all running… the fuel.

The majority of power needed to carry out many of the event essentials is provided by generators. From the stage sets and sound systems, lighting and heating, and food service and preparation—generators are essential sources of power to keep the events going.

At 4Refuel we like to fuel the fun. That’s why we work hard to provide a steady, reliable and convenient source of fuel to literally keep the music playing, the food cooking and the power on.

Whether it’s a permanent back-up generator, or temporary generator units for an event or festival, many businesses rely on us to power their operations. It can be difficult refuelling your own generators on time and keeping them running without interruption, so that’s where we step in.

For more than 20 years 4Refuel has been trusted to keep generators fuelled at all sorts of events, concerts, or wherever power is needed.


For over 20 years, businesses have trusted 4Refuel to deliver diesel and handle the refuelling for power generators on construction, mining, oil & gas sites, and of course music festivals and events. We’ll keep you fuelled and running when an on-site power source isn’t available.

For long and short term solutions, we prepare a generator refuelling strategy to suit your needs with scheduled delivery to keep you powered. We can provide diesel for on-site generators in office buildings and condos, delivering fuel when it’s most convenient for you. So you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel or having to call us on time.

What about the billing?

Our exclusive online fuel management portal, Fuel Management Online, makes that part easy, too. Track fuel down to the drop and know exactly which piece of equipment is getting filled and when for easy cost control and reconciliation.

Have an event coming up or an on-site generator? Contact 4Refuel today to schedule on-site refuelling, or to enquire about our custom fuel management solutions for your power generation needs.