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Fleet managers are all too familiar with the difficulties of drivers forgetting or running out of time to refuel their truck at the end of their shift. The rush to refuel in the morning can delay deliveries, affect efficiency and increase overtime. This presents a challenge to complete all deliveries in a day, impacting your client service and reputation.

Refueling your fleet can add a lot of overhead and slow down deliveries. Drivers can spend 30 to 40 minutes or more refueling their truck on the job, which includes the drive to the truck stop, line ups, the driver’s extra idle time, actual refueling time, and then getting back on route. All of this lost time can be the source of costly overtime hours and equipment downtime. Many operations managers also face other refueling pains such as the theft or misappropriation of fuel, and an inability to properly track a fleet’s fuel consumption.

The Benefits of Wheel to Wheel Refueling

4Refuel provides scheduled mobile on-site refueling. We can refuel your fleet on weekends or after hours when trucks are parked, so you experience no downtime by having to refuel in the middle of a shift, helping you to maximize productivity. The risk of theft is reduced by 100% when refueling direct-to-equipment.

When you bring fuel directly to your trucks rather than traveling off-site for it, you save 30 to 40 minutes or more per unit, per day, every day. Your business is no longer paying for hours of unproductive labor while drivers go to find fuel, and you gain up to 40 minutes of productive time per day to move more goods and deliver more packages. Our service provides substantial savings in labor and increases revenue.

Maximize your fleet utilization and resource more efficiently. Take advantage of 4Refuel’s Fuel Management Online reporting tool to track your fuel usage details and produce a wide range of reports to see how your fuel is used. Track efficiencies across your fleet at a national, regional, branch level, or down to individual vehicles. Manage fuel delivery and payment, in addition to fuel consumption.

On-Site Refueling Helps Global Food and Beverage Distributor Make More Deliveries

Over the years, problems with on-site tank storage had resulted in considerable company exposure and negative attention from environmentalists. Additionally, operations managers faced pressure to improve productivity, and after comprehensive analysis of their distribution teams in action, their focus turned towards minimizing the time drivers spent refueling, a task which on average amounted to 25 minutes every day via on-site tanks or cardlocks.

4Refuel’s mobile on-site service enabled 50% of the distributor’s fleet to deliver an extra 4-6 cases of product per day. These extra deliveries maximized the distribution capacity of their existing fleet and reduced the demand to purchase additional delivery vehicles to support growth. Further value included a reduction in overtime hours and a heightened flexibility to handle emergencies and/or rush deliveries, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“It is the customer service and the hard work of your employees that keeps our relationship at its best! We are now able to deliver more product each day by utilizing 4Refuel’s on-site service.” - Distribution Manager

4Refuel has been the premier fuel supplier for over 15 years, and now provides mobile services to dozens of locations across North America.

  • 900 hours per month of additional delivery time
  • $550K reduction in capital expenditure costs by redeploying existing resources to support growth rather than purchasing 3 new trucks
  • Increased capacity for over 1000 more deliveries every month
  • 10% reduction in overtime hours
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