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Marine Fueling Services

  • Marine Diesel and Boat Fuel Delivery
  • Refuel Virtually Any Size Vessel
  • Fuel Delivery on the Water
  • Strict Environmental & Safety Standards
  • Detailed Online Reporting

4Refuel has countless years of experience in the marine industry and we’ve developed unmatched expertise in fueling over the water. We have the ability to service a wide range of marine applications to help maximize your productivity. 4Refuel delivers boat fuel directly to each vessel during non-productive hours or when it’s moored.  4Refuel is a less costly alternative to refueling at the marina and provides the flexibility of delivering fuel on the water; a service that oil companies have been scaling back due to environmental risks. We make it easier for you to get the marine fuel you need; for tug boats, fishing boats, tour and pleasure craft, and even cargo ships.

Our fuel consultants analyze the fuel needs and environmental challenges of your marine operation and work with you to create a custom marine fueling solution for virtually any size or type of vessel. Our service is available day or night, so you can get the fuel you need when it makes sense for you. Reduce the downtime of vessels waiting to be refueled during operating hours.

Environmental & Workplace Safety

Our Certified Refueling Specialists are trained to high standards in workplace and environmental safety. With the support of our experienced operations staff and fleet of high-tech tankers, we deliver marine diesel directly to vessels, barges or loading equipment. Our specialists are trained for all types of marine craft, and can even refuel onsite tanks and other marina/port equipment.

4Refuel’s professional handling also reduces theft of fuel, misappropriation and spillage that can hinder productivity, hurt cost management, and cause environmental damage.

Manage Your Fuel Costs Online

4Refuel gives you access to comprehensive online reporting to track fuel transactions and consumption details for each vessel and piece of marine equipment. Marine technicians, operators, and dockhands can access real-time reports and analysis to manage fuel better and detect fuel loss.

Refuel your marine craft on the water; direct on-site refueling by 4Refuel. Contact a Local Fuel Consultant