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Managing your organization’s fuel is a critical task.  And, if you’re like most companies, you don’t have a fuel manager so fuel doesn’t get the attention and focus it deserves given it’s one of your largest budget costs.  From fuel reconciliation to forecasting fuel needs, to managing costs across different projects, work sites and fleets, the task can be onerous.

Partnering with 4Refuel is the first step in solving all of your fuel management woes. Take control and gain unprecedented insight into how your business uses fuel.

Fuel Management Online (FMO)

4Refuel’s exclusive Fuel Management Online® is the most detailed fuel management reporting program available anywhere. FMO gives you unparalleled access to data about your fuel purchases, and flexibility to analyze and report on almost any metric.

What can FMO do for you? Analyze fuel consumption trends, summarize costs, and manage fuel budgets. Report on costs by project, per period, for an equipment group, an entire fleet, or down to a single vehicle. Check efficiency and performance against budget, and virtually any other measurement of fuel cost and usage. Budgets, forecasting, and individual vehicle details help you detect misappropriation or other fuel consumption anomalies.

FMO saves administrative time spent on fuel reconciliation, captures better insights and information, and helps you measure and manage every drop of fuel to effectively lower your costs.

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How FMO Works for You

Our Fuel Management Online system starts with the high tech equipment in our fuel trucks. During on-site fuel delivery our Certified Refueling Specialist scans an RFID tag to identify and attribute the dispensed fuel to that particular vehicle. FMO wirelessly links fuel transactions in the field to a secure central server. Your complete fuelling records are then available exclusively to you through FMO’s protected web-portal.

Centralized reporting of all your fuel purchases for your entire organization is an invaluable tool that will change how you do your job, and help your company lower costs. FMO is surprisingly simple to use for such a powerful reporting tool, and is available at no charge to 4Refuel clients. Training and support is included to ensure you get all the benefits of total fuel management.

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