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Regain Control of Your Fuel Management

Tracking, control and reporting—if you are in charge of managing your organization’s fuel, these are likely a few of your favourite words.

And rightfully so.

Managing fuel is a critical task for any business and it’s likely your largest expense after payroll. Since most companies don’t have a dedicated fuel manager, it typically doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

So why not make the process as easy as possible?

That’s why 4Refuel developed Fuel Management Online® (FMO), the world’s most detailed fuel management reporting system available anywhere.

We know that you want easy and convenient reporting and to be able to keep track of every drop of fuel. So FMO is designed to give you unparalleled access to data about your fuel purchases, and flexibility to analyze and report on almost any metric.

Reporting has never been easier, it can be broken down by project, per period, for an equipment group, an entire fleet, or down to a single vehicle. Check performance against budget, and virtually any other measurement of fuel cost and usage.

For your peace of mind, a GPS snapshot records the exact date, time, and location of each delivery and all consumption data is available online via FMO and a wide range of reports can be e-mailed to you automatically.

Now that’s convenience and control.

While it may sound complicated, FMO is surprisingly simple to use for such a powerful reporting tool. The best part? It’s available at no charge to 4Refuel clients, plus training and support is also provided to ensure you get all the benefits of total fuel management.

Want to begin managing your fuel costs like you never thought possible? Contact 4Refuel today to schedule on-site refueling, or to inquire about our custom fuel management solutions.

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