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Is It Worth the Risk?

If you own, run or manage a company, this question is for you—how important is the safety of your employees?

In all likelihood, it's essential. In fact, it’s why you make sure they’re properly trained and protected to perform their jobs safely.

When it comes to handling fuel, anyone who is familiar knows that it can be dangerous. Not only to the environment if it is mishandled or spilled, but also to the people handling it if they're not properly trained.

However, for different reasons, some companies continue to use their own forces to refuel trucks and equipment. Even if employees do receive training and proper equipment, the time, energy and money are costing you in productivity. Your employees are no longer focusing on what generates revenue and liability is still on your shoulders—every time your people stop at the tanks you are subject to the damages.

As your refuelling partner, 4Refuel helps take the liabilities off your hands. As a safety-first organization, we ensure our employees are provided with in-depth and industry-leading training to ensure safe delivery of fuel products to your equipment, protecting your investment, equipment and employees.

Certified Refuelling Professionals

Our fuel handlers, Certified Refuelling Professionals, are the highest trained in the business. After completing a rigorous three-month training course, our fuel handlers graduate with the designation of becoming a Certified Refuelling Professional.

Strict Standards of Workplace Safety

4Refuel has created a comprehensive standard for workplace safety. It is the fuel management industry’s only ISO-based national safety program and designed to protect employees, property, and community.

Workplace Safety Certifications

We are ISNetworld compliant and committed to Goal Zero for environmental spills and injuries in the workplace. Our Certified Refuelling Professionals maintain certification in H2S, first aid, CSTS, TDG, WHMIS, and CPPI.

Your Peace of Mind

Your productivity is our goal. Our attention to safety reduces risk to your people, equipment, and property. Using the safest methods of direct to equipment fuelling and tank delivery, 4Refuel takes care of the details so you can concentrate on your business.

When it comes to fuel, the best safety strategy is to use a professional delivery service, direct to equipment. Contact 4Refuel today to schedule safe and reliable on-site service.

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