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Fuelling the Tall Ships

Every summer tall ships from around the world arrive at Halifax Harbour as they stop off during the Tall Ship Regatta—an epic transatlantic race spanning from England to France with more than 30 port stops in Canada along the way.

For the last number of years 4Refuel has had the pleasure of keeping the towering vessels filled during the 7,000 nautical mile event. For 4Refuel Regional Operations Manager Noel Humphreys, the opportunity holds special significance.

“I used to sail a lot back home in Ireland and as well I was a ship’s agent, so I know quite a bit about ships agency and a lot about sailing,” Humphreys said.






At first glance, the behemoth vessels with towering masts and sails would seem as if they would drift across the ocean on wind power alone. The vessels, however, use diesel engines when there isn’t enough wind, and to maneuver in and out of tight ports.

Humphreys’ relationship with many crew members aboard the tall ships, dates back to his sailing days in Ireland. For others, his love for sailing and business in the diesel industry provided a natural connection.

“Myself and my son would walk up and down the boardwalk every Friday evening and just meet people,” Humphreys said.

“Back then he was a nice, cute little 8-year-old kid running up and down the boardwalk handing out business cards and asking if they needed any diesel. It was a nice soft introduction to the people on board.”

The secret behind establishing and maintaining the connections in the sailing community are the relationships, Humphreys says.

“I usually stay connected and when the ships are in our area the captain or crews usually give me a call,” he said, adding that 4Refuel now fuels the ships at several other ports along the way including Quebec City.

4Refuel’s advanced safety measures and adaptive equipment positions the company as the natural choice to provide diesel to the ships as they port.

As North America’s largest Mobile Onsite provider, 4Refuel has more than 22-years of experience in the marine industry providing diesel and marine diesel to tug boats, fishing boats, tour and pleasure craft, and even cargo ships.

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