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Fuelling Successful Careers

When Dean Buse and Dean Hyde joined 4Refuel, neither knew much about mobile refuelling. What they also didn't know was that the company would provide them rewarding and long-lasting career opportunities.

The pair now have a combined 30 years of experience, and years later, their hard work and dedication have contributed to their longevity as both remain with the company, now in supervisory roles.

Hyde is currently Operations Supervisor in Grande Prairie, Alberta, but started with 4Refuel near his hometown of Abbotsford, B.C., while Buse holds the same title in Kamloops/Kelowna, his original territory.

Although both crossed paths with 4Refuel in uniquely different ways, they are united by their hard work, dedication to building the business and friendship over the past decade and a half.


Dean Hyde (pictured) was formerly a customer of 4Refuel and wanted to join the growing business. Dean Buse (title picture) first heard of the company in a magazine ad.

Hyde, a former customer, saw the potential in the growing company and wanted in.

“I was working for a rock quarry at the time and we were being fuelled by 4Refuel,” he said. “I started asking questions. After a few conversations, I was in.”

Joining 4Refuel meant moving his family from Abbotsford to Delta, new territory for 4Refuel.

“We started on the ground floor and built the business up,” Hyde said.

Before long business had ramped up. By 2005 he was adding staff and servicing 200 clients in the BC Lower Mainland region.

Over 300 kilometres away in Kamloops, Dean Buse was flipping through a magazine at a book store when he was first introduced.

“I came across an ad for 4Refuel. It caught my attention and so I took the name and phone number,” Buse said.

Buse came on board and was sent to Langley, B.C. for training where he met Hyde, his trainer. The two stayed in touch and have remained close friends ever since.

Three years ago Hyde and his family relocated to northern Alberta to take on a new challenge. Hyde was a critical piece to steering Grande Prairie operations through a tough economic downturn.

Among his other accomplishments include starring in 4Refuel’s “A Day in the Life” video, where he takes viewers through a day in the life at 4Refuel.

“I happened to get asked and it was an honour to be part of that project,” Hyde said.

Buse overcame challenges of his own, he was the lead in building the onsite market in the B.C. Okanagan region. Challenged with a unique logistical fuel supply situation, he has prospered and continues his commitment and contribution to 4Refuel today.

“It’s definitely been a positive experience. I’m so happy I made the decision to become part of 4Refuel and that I got the opportunity,” Buse said.

Both Hyde and Buse continue to be cornerstones of the Western Canada leadership team through their passion and exhaustive efforts to foster growth in their respective areas.

“It is people like Dean Hyde and Dean Buse that truly have helped to build 4Refuel in Western Canada. They continue to embrace the enthusiasm to drive sales and operational excellence by way of their passion and commitment. I am proud to have them on my team,” said Ryan Dawson, Vice President Operations Western Canada.

“4Refuel is a company where a career can be built.”

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