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Fuel Management Technology Makes Fuel Management Easy

Let’s face it; managing fuel is a headache. From budgeting to managing and tracking, keeping control of your fuel can be challenging.

There’s fuel reconciliation and the associated administrative time that comes along with it. Nothing is simple about figuring out where all of last year’s fuel dollars actually went, just stacks of receipts and the pages of invoices and a few spreadsheets that try to summarize it all.

That’s why 4Refuel developed Fuel Management Online (FMO). Entirely web-based, FMO has been helping business better track and budget fuel because it provides users with detailed fuel consumption reports and operating data.

It’s able to collect and store a variety of useful information through an RFID tag that is attached to each piece of equipment. It provides details like hourly and daily fuel usage, individual or grouped equipment consumption, operating consumption for time period specified by you etc., and delivers it as reports to your secure online account or directly to your desktop via email. The reports can also be exported from FMO in a number of formats so that the data can be easily imported to any accounting software.

You can save one to two and a half hours of administrative time for each piece of equipment, every month, just using FMO.

On top, FMO analyzes fuel consumption trends, summarizes costs, and manages fuel budgets. Reports on costs by project, per period, for an equipment group, an entire fleet, or down to a single vehicle or piece of equipment. Check efficiency and performance against budget, and virtually any other measurement of fuel cost and usage.

FMO access and training is available free to all 4Refuel clients. If you can have all that information at your fingertips, why continue guessing?

Contact 4Refuel today and find out how you can benefit from FMO.

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