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Storage Tanks, a Convenience or Liability?

Nobody likes hassle. That’s why many companies have made the decision to use on site fuel storage tanks.

It makes sense, right? There’s the convenience of having the fuel you need close at hand, no need to drive to a card lock, and access of course 24/7. What could possibly go wrong?

While on-site fuel storage tanks do eliminate some of the hassles associated with refueling, at the same time, they add a number of inconveniences and liabilities.

First of all, fuel theft is a real problem and security is the issue. Having thousands of litres of fuel on your property makes your storage tank easy prey for organized fuel thieves. If you do not have tight security measures in place you could be at risk.

Another costly risk of storing all that fuel on your property is of course increased insurance premiums. Unless you have state-of the-art tanks and your people are completely trained on proper handling of hazardous goods, your insurance costs go up.

And how about all of the risks to the environment? If there is a fuel spill—and they do happen—you are responsible for the expensive clean ups. If you have a major fuel spill because of negligence or faulty equipment, you may have a public relations debacle waiting to explode.

With on-site service from 4Refuel, you can stop worrying about theft, insurance costs and environmental risks. When it comes to fuel, the best safety strategy is to use a professional delivery service, direct to equipment.

Contact us today to schedule safe and reliable on-site service.

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