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Enormous hurricane over the Atlantic. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Stay Prepared With 4Refuel Storm Watch

It’s hurricane season and for Atlantic Canada that means preparing for yet another fall of unpredictable weather.

According to expert forecasters, it’s predicted to be stormier season than normal with 11-17 named storms, 5-9 hurricanes and 2-4 more major hurricanes. These storms are capable of bringing hurricane force winds, towering waves and torrential rain to the East Coast and can knock out power for days.

Although we can’t stop storms and hurricanes, we are able to prepare for them by ensuring homes and businesses are equipped with the proper supplies.

The Canadian government encourages every home to have a supply kit to get by for 72 hours. Supplies should include water, food, batteries, flashlights, candles, first aid kit and other items to stay warm and handle a potentially lengthy power outage.

Business that could be potentially impacted should have a response plan in place. The plan should be up-to-date and ready to carry out as soon as there’s a threat of stormy weather.

And if your business relies on fuel, make sure you have a back-up supply of stored fuels. Ensure your generators and fuel tanks are full and emergency back-up systems are working.

It’s a good idea to test your generators and emergency systems and have fresh fuel in your tanks. Once you’re topped up and machines are tested and in working order, make sure you have a reliable fueling partner to contact when more fuel is needed.

For easy supply and peace of mind, 4Refuel’s Storm Watch plan allows you to easily take care of your business’ emergency fuelling needs. Those on Storm Watch will automatically get tanks topped up as soon as a storm watch is issued. Your generator and tank information is stored on our file and we’ll keep refilling until the storm is passed.

Trust 4Refuel to keep help keep your business going during a hurricane, thanks to our extensive supply network which means we always have access to fuel.

Contact 4Refuel today to fuel your business and register for Storm Watch.

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