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Stay Prepared This Hurricane Season

It’s August on the calendar and that means it’s the heart of Atlantic hurricane season.

While you can’t do much about the weather, you are in control of ensuring your business is prepared to handle an unpredictable storm season.

For starters, any business that could be potentially impacted by the effects of a hurricane should have a response plan in place. Your plan should be up-to-date and ready to carry out as soon as there’s a threat of a tropical storm or hurricane.

And if your business relies on fuel, make sure you have a back-up supply of stored fuels. Your generators and back-up tanks should be full with fresh fuel and your emergency back-up systems should be tested and working.

Once you’re topped up and everything is in working order, make sure you have a reliable fueling partner to contact when more fuel is needed.

4Refuel is pleased to be the trusted fuel supplier for many business who depend on fuel in hurricane season and beyond.

4Refuel draws from numerous supply points to ensure we have a reliable source of fuel, even when supply is tight during a disaster. In the event that a pipeline is shut down due to weather, our contingency supplies keep us and our customers going.

Hurricanes can strike at almost any time, so make sure you’re prepared before the onset of disaster and stay safe. Contact 4Refuel today.

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