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Setting up Your Construction Site

Whether it’s a long-term project, or a short-term job, there is a lot to think about when setting up your construction site. There are regulatory requirements, the health and safety of your team, deadlines, budgeting—and that’s just the beginning.

So it’s no wonder that site managers don’t want to worry about fuel supply, they just want their equipment fueled for the start of the day and not to have to worry about running dry.

Just like any industry, construction runs on strict deadlines, which can’t be missed. Running out of fuel or having to stop work to refuel is both inconvenient and costly.

Choosing mobile on-site refueling for your project takes fuel management out of your hands and provides a safe and reliable source of fuel. Here are just a few ways 4Refuel can help you at your construction site.

Boost Efficiencies & Site Performance

Arrive at your site with all equipment fueled and ready for the day’s work. 4Refuel’s flexible 24 hour coverage means we can be onsite after hours, so no more disruption, work stoppages or waits for fuel.

Stop using expensive and specialized labor to fuel equipment and let your crew focus on what they do best.

Easy and Convenient Reporting

Always stay on top of fuel usage and never guess how much you’re spending.

4Refuel’s proprietary fuel management software Fuel Management Online (FMO) allows you to leverage near real-time data to compare actual usage against budget by job site or project, down to each individual piece of equipment.

Create highly accurate budget for future jobs by entering data into our budget forecasting tool.


The health and safety of your team is important to you, and so is the environment. Our trucks are well-lit for nighttime deliveries and our trained operators provide smooth and efficient refueling to all types of equipment.

Trust 4Refuel to safely and securely fill your equipment and eliminate spills, leaks and wasted fuel.

Bulk Tanks

4Refuel is now offering bulk tank rentals for your construction site. Our high-tech tanks, equipped with locking fuel pump compartments, provide convenience and peace of mind on your site.

Want to learn more about how you 4Refuel can help you with your next construction project? Contact us today to schedule on-site refueling, or to inquire about our total fuel management solutions.

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