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Save on Fuel Costs With These 4 Tips

It’s no secret that fuel is expensive. In fact, it’s likely your second highest business expense after labour.

Needless to say, if you could somehow reduce this significant cost overnight, you would jump at the opportunity. Think about what that would mean for your bottom line!

While it’s not as simple as that, here are four simple steps you can take to help cut your fuel usage.

1. Fuel Management

You can’t manage what you don’t know, and without hard data, you don’t know.

4Refuel’s exclusive Fuel Management Online (FMO) is a secure web portal that puts you in touch with all the fuel consumption data you will need to cut your fuel expenses. Information is available to your desktop including exact time and location of each fuelling transaction, the unit fuelled and how much fuel is delivered.

FMO sets up easily to import and export your data and it is incredibly user-friendly.

Once you know exactly where your fuel is going, you can begin to manage it effectively. Stop guessing how much fuel you’re using and track it down to the drop.

2. Idling

One of the largest and most unproductive uses of fuel is spent when idling. In some cases, like in extremely cold weather, idling can be necessary, but over the course of a year, it can burn a big hole in your budget.

According to Natural Resources Canada, long-haul trucks consume about 3 litres of fuel per hour while idling. Industry standards tell us that the average commercial truck spends 1,800 hours a year idling. That’s 5,400 litres of fuel burned, with no productivity to show for it.

3. Routing efficiencies

A top priority on any fleet manager’s list is efficiency—getting the most work done while burning the least fuel. Without effective route planning, maximizing your route and profitability is impossible.

With continuously evolving technology, routing optimization technologies are helping many companies big and small increase their efficiencies, and ultimately burn less fuel.

4. Driving techniques

Want to save on fuel? Drive more efficiently.

Quick starts and high speeds increase fuel consumption. According to industry stats, for every 10 kilometres per hour above 90 km/h, you burn about 10 percent more fuel. Jackrabbit starts are also a quick way to see your fuel economy slip.

Want to learn more about how 4Refuel can help you save on fuel? Contact us today.

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