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Do You Have the Right Fuel Supplier?

If you rely on fuel, this winter could be the right time to find a new supplier. Why? There are a number of reasons, among them are productivity, fuel quality, reliability and supply.

Most companies who have made the switch to on-site refuelling had become tired of the hassles associated with refuelling, like wasted time, decreased production and all the associated risks.
Once you decide to switch, the best solution is finding the right fuel supplier. But how do you decide?

Here are some critical questions to ask:

1. Reliability. Does the supplier guarantee fuel delivery regardless of regional fuel shortages? Check their track record.
2. Convenience. Can they deliver 24/7/365?
3. Professional staff. Are their people well trained and certified? Are they accessible 24/7 for emergent fuel needs?
4. Proper equipment. Is their fleet reliable and well-maintained? Do they use proper hoses and nozzles to safely and efficiently get the job done in all weather conditions?
5. Service guarantee. Can they grow and adapt to your changing fuel needs?
6. Data capture capabilities. Are they on top of current technology to supply you with detailed fuel data, online reporting, docket review and all the information you need?
7. Reconciliation. Do they have a committed support staff available to answer your questions fast?
8. Theft Prevention. Can the supplier provide security and tank monitoring with remote service?
9. Environmentally responsible. How do they ensure safety in the workplace? What is their incident rate? Are they 100% accountable? If a spill occurs will they do the clean-up?
10. National network. Are they capable of fleet refuelling between regions with data support for all your equipment and can give you support for business expansion?

That’s a lot to think about, but if you do your homework and choose the right fuel supplier you’ll get fuel wherever and whenever you need it.

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