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Refuelling yourself? Is it worth the risk?

If you own, run or manage a company, this question is for you—how important is the safety of your employees?

It’s likely your answer is something along the lines of ‘very important.’ In fact, it’s why you make sure they’re properly trained and protected to perform their respective jobs safely, whatever it is they may do.

But, anyone who has been around fuel knows that it can be dangerous. Not only to the environment if it is mishandled or spilled, but also to the people handling it if they do not know what they’re doing.

Whether in attempt to save money, or because of old practice, some companies continue to use their own employees to refuel trucks and equipment. Even if employees do receive training and proper equipment, the time, energy and money is costing you in productivity.Your employees are no longer focusing on what makes you money and liability is still on your shoulders—every time your people stop at the tanks you are subject to the damages.

Damages from a spill can include lost productivity, toxic seepage, higher insurance rates and cleanups that run in the tens of thousands of dollars. And who wants that?

The solution?

Protect your company from spills by taking refuelling out of the hands of your employees. Let them focus on the job that they are actually getting paid to do.

No one needs any extra risk or headache in their lives. When it comes to fuel, it’s always best to hand the responsibility to the professionals. Choose the right supplier to manage the risks and you’ll have more time to put into your business.

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