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Overpaying For Fuel?

In today’s business world it’s no secret that companies are looking to cut costs and gain efficiencies wherever possible.

And since fuel has become one of the most substantial expenses for many industries, cutting back is always a thought, but not always an option since production and livelihood are fuel-reliant.

Reducing consumption is certainly possible through implementing techniques like efficient routing, improving driver training and buying trucks and equipment with better fuel economy. Though these methods will help, your most significant savings opportunity isn’t cutting your fuel intake at the pump, it’s cutting the time spent refuelling your equipment.

We all know: time is money

For illustration, industry standards tell us that it takes, on average, 30 to 45 minutes to refuel a vehicle or a piece of equipment.

The clock starts when the truck leaves its route to find a fuelling station, waits in line, adds fuel to tanks, and completes the transaction then returns to its route. And if you are like most companies you need to fill up more than once a week, taking even more time out of your employee’s workday.

By the time you start adding up the fuel costs to get to the pumps and the hourly wages and benefits paid, you’ll realize the significant cost.

Do what you do best

Why waste your valuable time on a low leverage activity like refuelling when you and your team could re-invest that time into production?

The more time you spend fuelling, the less time you spend focusing on your job at hand… and after all, time is money!

Contact 4Refuel today and see how much you can save on refuelling costs.

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