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Make Budgeting Easier

There’s nothing enjoyable about managing a fuel budget. Nothing simple about figuring out where all of last year’s fuel dollars actually went, just stacks of receipts and the pages of invoices and a few spreadsheets that try to summarize it all.

There’s a lot those papers can’t tell you.

Where does your fuel go? Which trucks or pieces of equipment use the most fuel, or which are using too much fuel? How about being able to check if last month’s higher fuel costs came from an increase in consumption or a jump in the price at the pump?

Fuel is the highest operating cost after labour. Unlike labour, it is often not given high enough priority. In fact, most companies have little knowledge about their spending habits when it comes to fuel.

To that point, there is software that helps maximize almost every business cost, but not for fuel.

That’s why 4Refuel developed Fuel Management Online (FMO) a powerful tool designed to help companies understand and ultimately manage fuel.

FMO was designed to give unparalleled access to data about fuel purchases, and flexibility to analyze and report on almost any metric.

FMO analyzes fuel consumption trends, summarizes costs, and manages fuel budgets. Reports on costs by project, per period, for an equipment group, an entire fleet, or down to a single vehicle or piece of equipment. Check efficiency and performance against budget, and virtually any other measurement of fuel cost and usage.

If you can have all that information at your fingertips, why continue guessing?

Contact 4Refuel today and find out how you can gain total visibility and control over your fuel and make budgeting easier than ever before.

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