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Is Fuel an Investment?

Do you like shopping around for a good deal?

It’s safe to say that most people do—the business world included. Why pay more for something if you can get it for less?

Sounds great in theory, right? But in some scenarios, a great price doesn’t always mean a great deal and even costs you more in the long run.

In other words: you get what you pay for.

This isn’t a revolutionary concept by any means, but it brings up a good point—where do you want to save and where do you want to invest?

Take fuel for example. If you are driving a few blocks to save a couple of cents per gallon to fill up your car, it makes sense. But is price-per-gallon the best way to shop for your fleet?

It’s likely that when you purchased your equipment or fleet, you invested. You purchased something that would keep you running for years to come to help increase profitability.

When you’ve committed good money to your equipment to ultimately improve your profitability, what good is your investment if it’s not running?

As the old saying goes, “if your wheels ain’t trunin’, you ain’t earnin’.”

If you’re refueling on price factor alone, you are getting just that. What about emergency fuel needs or in the case of fuel shortages? Do you get 24/7 service or supply guarantees or will you be shut down and lined up with everybody else waiting for fuel?

Now that’s expensive.

So is it worth rolling the dice on fuel quality and supply with discount options? Or do you invest in guaranteed quality, service and supply?

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