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What do ELD Mandates Mean for You?

If you are a company with a fleet, it is likely that new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates will have an impact on your business.

These changes, coming this year in the United States and soon afterwards in Canada, mean more accurate logging of driving time and easier and faster roadside spot checks for authorities.

While Hours of Service (HOS) time stays the same, this means drivers will be more accurately held to the time they have on the road.

So with stricter rules on the horizon, why not take the opportunity to make the most of your drivers’ on-road time?

Industry stats tell us that the average driver spends more than 45 minutes per day at the pumps filling their trucks. This number can be even higher in cities where you sit in traffic longer and it’s not always easy to account for the drivers spending additional time making a phone call, using the restroom or stopping for coffee. But with 45 minutes per refueling session that’s time towards each driver’s daily HOS allotment and no productivity to show for it.

And that’s not to mention the labor costs!

Multiply that across your entire fleet, that’s a lot of time wasted and distance not travelled. There’s no return on paying for unproductive time. It’s as simple as that.

The clock starts when the truck leaves its route to find a fueling station, waits in line, adds fuel to tanks, and completes the transaction then returns to its route. During this time, the clock is ticking on HOS time, you are paying for the labor, maintenance, insurance and administration but making no deliveries, moving no goods and earning no return on your considerable investment.

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