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4Refuel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan

4Refuel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan

4Refuel management is working diligently and proactively to ensure business continuity, reliable fuel supply and employee and customer safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Supply:
    • 4Refuel holds priority relationships with many fuel suppliers to ensure continuous fuel supply and is holding regular communication with suppliers.
  • People:

    • A full travel ban is in effect for all business-related air travel within the organization.
    • Hygienic best practices information has been communicated to all employees to help educate, spot signs and prevent the spread of viruses.
  • Business Continuity
    • Continuity plans are in place to ensure essential employees are set up to work remotely, should they be required to work from home.
    • Operational contingencies are in place to ensure fuel is delivered to customer sites as required.
    • We will work closely with our customer sites to ensure we comply with local procedures.
    • Priority work set has been established to concentrate on operational execution and account management.

4Refuel understands that this is an evolving situation and is continuously evaluating and updating its contingency plans. We remain focused in our dedication to serving you as we navigate these unique challenges.


Larry Rodo
President & CEO


Download the statement:

4Refuel COVID-19 Customer Communication

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