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4Refuel Manager Living the Canadian Dream

“Today is another day and everything is good. It’s going to be a great day,” these are the words Mohammad AghilPour tells himself every morning and the motto he chooses to live by.

It’s the same attitude AghilPour has brought with him to work his whole career, and since day one of joining 4Refuel in 2013.

AghilPour is currently Operations Manager at 4Refuel Calgary.

Though it’s quite a career change from his background in Clinical Psychology, he is quick to point out there are many transferable skills.

“As a psychologist … it has helped me in Canada. I think my success comes from understanding people and recognizing how to work with them, especially since English is not my first language,” AghilPour said.

“I have a very close relationship with my team and my customers.”

A native of Iran, AghilPour had long desired a move to Canada. After his visa was finally approved in 2009 he set course for Calgary with his wife and young family.

Although AghilPour’s psychology qualifications didn’t transfer to Canada, he took it as an opportunity to discover a new career path. AghilPour earned his commercial licence and took a driving job to support his family.

He moved around between several opportunities, before joining 4Refuel in a part-time basis as weekend Certified Refuelling Professional.

AghilPour quickly impressed his colleagues, so much so they encouraged him to make 4Refuel is full-time career.

“I had been working part-time for almost eight or nine months and my manager was always asking me if I wanted to be full-time,” he recalled.

He eventually took up his manager’s offer after deciding he was tired of his highway driving job.

From there, AghilPour quickly earned a promotion, becoming Operations Supervisor in March 2015, before getting promoted once again to Operations Manager in April 2016.

“Mohammad is a very ethical man who exemplifies commitment and a desire to succeed. The word failure is simply not in his vocabulary. He embraces new ideas and concepts and is always eager to add more skills to his management toolbox,” said 4Refuel Vice President of Operations, Western Canada Ryan Dawson.

Though for AghilPour, hard work and optimism are simply part of his DNA.

“I look at this job like it’s my own business, it’s just who I am. I am responsible to protect the careers of my staff and to grow the business” he said.

When he’s not at work, AghilPour is proud to call Calgary home where he resides with his wife and two children.

This year, AghilPour celebrated his country’s special milestone birthday like he does every year, with a trip downtown to watch fireworks and his family by his side.

“We went downtown for the parade like we do every year,” he said.

“This is my hometown, this is my country and I’m so proud I’m Canadian.”

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