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A gas station has run out of gasoline.

Another Fuel Shortage Over

With refineries back online, diesel supply has returned to normal across Ontario.

We are pleased to confirm that all 4Refuel clients received fuel during the three-week long crisis, which caused many retail stations and card locks to close and limited many suppliers' access to fuel.

4Refuel’s vast supply network and fleet of over 220 tanker trucks across North America provide unmatched fuel security for our clients.

While shortages do occur at certain times in the year when refineries switch between summer and winter grade products or shut down for scheduled maintenance, the most recent shortage was one of the worst in recent history.

4Refuel is the largest mobile on-site fuel provider in North America, with coast-to-coast presence across Canada, as well as throughout the state of Texas.

Contact us today and find out how 4Refuel can offer your business unmatched fuel security.

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