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4Refuel Team Honored

4Refuel is pleased to honor our dedicated team that went above and beyond in response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma earlier this year.

Numerous staff members spent up to 30 days away from their families, friends and homes, working around the clock to help distribute fuel in the aftermath of the storms.

During this time they displayed impeccable work ethic, dedication and selflessness to ensure emergency crews got fuel as they carried out their hurricane response duties.

Our team of Certified Refueling Professionals, along with operations, sales and administrative staff were officially recognized for all of their efforts during recent team meetings in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

They were presented with both individual and team certificates, signifying their efforts.

“During times of crisis, you really see what people are made of. We are thankful to have the team that we do,” said Jared Prentiss, VP 4Refuel U.S.

“We can’t thank them and their families enough.”

Following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey in late August, 4Refuel sent tankers and crews to hard-hit areas along the Gulf Coast.

They immediately began refueling emergency equipment, military vehicles and backup generators at facilities including seniors’ residences and hospitals.

Less than two weeks later, when Hurricane Irma made landfall in early September, a second 4Refuel convoy was deployed to various locations in Florida, where teams carried out the same work as in Texas, supplying fuel and supporting first responders.

“These men and women were tasked with the critical job of delivering fuel to first responders and displayed selflessness and dedication to get the job done,” said Larry Rodo, 4Refuel President & CEO.

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