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4Refuel Human Resource Director Completes Five Boro Bike Tour

Getting around the Five Boroughs of New York is one of the best ways to experience the Big Apple. In fact, experiencing them all in one day makes for one heck of an adventure.

4Refuel’s Human Resources Director, Lynne Harkness, did just that, but rather than on an open-top double-decker bus or by way of a subway train, it was all on the seat of a bicycle.

Along with 31,999 other riders, Harkness took to the streets of New York, completing the 64-kilometre (40 mile) ride through Manhattan/Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

While the experience was memorable and rewarding, it wasn’t quite a leisurely pedal through Central Park—although some of it was through Central Park. The trek ended with the challenging ride across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island and a ferry ride back to Manhattan.

“It was such a fantastic experience. You really get to see the city from some very unique vantage points,” she said.

While there was no particular training regimen for the five-borough trek, Harkness says she relied on her daily fitness routine to accomplish the gruelling journey.

“It certainly helped me push through,” she said. “New York may seem flat but peddling up the ramps to get on all the bridges, you need a lot of leg strength and stamina.”

“It’s just like anything, you persevere through. As a whole, it seems like a challenge that’s too big or too tough, but you break it down into smaller pieces, have fun doing it and you make it through.”

4Refuel was pleased to sponsor Lynne on her journey. All money raised through the event is donated towards Bike New York’s free bike safety programming.

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