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4Refuel Helps Keep Clients Moving

Whether it’s a hurricane, snowstorm, tornado, or prolonged power outage—unexpected events can have significant impacts on businesses.

No matter what the situation, any downtime has a critical impact; no operations means no revenue.

Like many companies in the Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, PROSHRED© of Houston was unable to operate for several days following the storm.

But after the storm subsided and employees could return to work, many companies struggled to operate since fuel supply was limited with numerous refineries offline.

However, with 4Refuel as its fueling partner, PROSHRED© was able to have its trucks and crews back on the roads, clearing up a backlog of documents to be shredded.

Brock Bruce, President and General Manager of PROSHRED© of Houston, said he had switched to 4Refuel’s on-site service nearly two years prior, unaware it was his fuel contingency plan.

“I really didn’t even think about fuel contingency, to tell you the truth,” he said. “When it comes to natural disasters and stuff like that, who really is prepared for something like that unless you’ve been through it before?”

During unexpected situations, like a natural disaster, 4Refuel leverages our vast network of suppliers, industry-leading fleet and strong strategic partners to keep clients going.

PROSHRED© serviced all of its existing customers, even taking on new clients in the days and weeks after the storm, and developing a way to take documents soaked from the flood.

Many fuel stations remained out of fuel, or if they did have supply, getting fuel meant sitting in hours-long lineups.

For numerous companies in distribution, it meant limited operations or suspending operations completely.

Bruce said he saw lots of companies that weren’t as fortunate as his.

“Because of 4Refuel, our trucks were able to run. Their response after Hurricane Harvey just solidified my appreciation for them as my fuel vendor,” Bruce said.
“It would have been a huge impact on our cash flow. It could have been catastrophic.”

So whether it’s having a backup generator for power supply or contingency operating plans, it’s essential to safeguard against unpredictable situations.

“4Refuel showed me that they are prepared for it, and that was invaluable to me.”

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