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4Refuel Dedicated to Texas Rebuild

4Refuel is pleased to continue its commitment to the State of Texas as rebuilding efforts ramp up in areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Our operations across the state are dedicated to providing fuel and resources in Houston, and the surrounding suburbs, where extensive damage from the storm requires entire communities to rebuild.

According to estimates, the hurricane and subsequent flooding destroyed more than 100,000 homes and caused over $180 billion in damage.

“The Houston area is not only our home, but home to our employees, their families and friends, and our customers,” said Larry Rodo, 4Refuel President & CEO.

“As such, it is our responsibility as members of the community to help fuel rebuilding efforts.”

“We have seen first-hand the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, and we are committed long-term to help rebuild our city,” said Jared Prentiss, VP 4Refuel U.S.

“Texans are strong and resilient people. We know we will be able to rebuild the communities where we work and live.”

Following Harvey’s landfall in late August, 4Refuel immediately provided resources and fuel to first responders, including armed forces, during initial response and rescue efforts. As the situation stabilized, crews continued to fuel first responders, as well as emergency generators at hospitals and nursing homes.

4Refuel entered the Houston market in 2015 and was 4Refuel’s first expansion within the state after launching in Dallas/Fort Worth in 2014.

Earlier this year, 4Refuel celebrated a significant investment in the community after relocating to a larger facility on the southeast corner of the city.

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