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4Refuel Announces Training Academy

4Refuel is excited to announce the establishment of a brand new corporate training program, the 4Refuel Training Academy.

Through the Training Academy, staff will have the opportunity to complete courses and curriculum to learn and improve continuously. Training and curriculum will cover all areas of the business including sales, operations, marketing, finance and human resources. In addition, courses will be designed and used to ensure effective onboarding of new employees.

Our Training Academy will be headed up by our National Learning & Development Manager Vince Clayton, who will be the main facilitator. Vince will be located in Hamilton, where the first campus of the 4Refuel Training Academy will be based.

Additional locations for in-class training will include Langley, Calgary, Montreal, Dallas and Houston.

4Refuel Training Academy materials are available online and can be completed remotely, while in-class training will take place at the regional training centers. Graduates will receive certificates for each program and course they complete.

The Hamilton campus will be located in a joint facility with our existing operations terminal and will feature a wide range of training tools and technology including Smart TVs equipped with video conferencing capabilities and truck equipment for hands-on training.

“I believe in the theory of accountability—tools, training and an environment of dignity—once our people are armed with all three, they can be held accountable,” says Larry Rodo, 4Refuel President and CEO.

“4Refuel Training Academy will help ensure our people are well trained and have the tools they need, not only be accountable, but successful in their respective careers.”

“This investment will be an invaluable resource to our people. We are a people and education-first organization and I believe this investment solidifies that,” says Lynne Harkness, 4Refuel Human Resources Director.

4Refuel will celebrate the launch of the 4Refuel Training Academy program this fall.

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