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4Refuel Announces Purchase of New Freightliner Tanker Trucks

4Refuel is pleased to announce an expansion of its current fleet.

In order to service a growing number of clients across numerous industry segments, seventeen 2018 Freightliner tanker trucks will roll off the assembly line to bolster its industry-leading fleet across Canada.

“As our customers’ fuel needs continue to grow, we are pleased to grow with them. This is a very exciting time for 4Refuel,” said Larry Rodo, President & CEO of 4Refuel.

“We pride ourselves in having the most advanced fleet in the industry.”

The state of the art tankers will utilize new leading-edge technology to adhere to the highest industry safety standards. 4Refuel becomes among the very first to equip its vehicles with Freightliner SmartPlex Multiplexing technology, which allows for high performance electronic functionality.

“We are taking advantage of new technology to add an additional level of safety, functionality and reliability to our trucks,” said 4Refuel Director Fleet, Safety & Strategy Keith Lamb.

“There are many safety interactions that are built in to create one of the safest fuel trucks on the road.”

Along with new technologies, the tankers will continue to use numerous existing features and safety measures, which already makes 4Refuel’s fleet the safest and most advanced in the industry.

Some of the new trucks are already on the road, while the remainder will be in service before the end of this year.

Founded in 1995, 4Refuel is one of North America’s largest and fastest growing fuel logistics companies and the national leader in on-site mobile refuelling. 4Refuel pioneered the Mobile On-site Refuelling industry in Canada, and now fuels over 4.3 million pieces of equipment across North America each year.

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