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Trade In Your Downtime for Productive Time

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  • Safe & Reliable Service
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Vehicles and equipment are unproductive when they are waiting to be fuelled. Industry data shows the total downtime for getting fuel averages 30 minutes per day, per unit, for every day fuel is needed. With mobile on-site refuelling, 4Refuel saves you time, reduces the cost of refuelling, contributes to increased productivity, and gives your business more control. See what refuelling is costing you, and how much you could be saving with our fuel savings calculator.

One Source, One Service Provider

4Refuel eliminates the long wait times at cardlocks, and environmental risks associated with on-site tanks. Plus, we ease the administrative burden of refuelling yourself, or the hassle of working with multiple vendors. With 4Refuel as your sole refuelling partner, enjoy simpler accounting and less paperwork. With our expansive geographic coverage, we can provide service whenever and wherever you need fuel. 4Refuel can accommodate all of your fuel needs; from direct-to-equipment refuelling and bulk delivery of diesel and DEF, to marine and boat fuel, to handling refuelling of your power generators.

Keeping You Fuelled, No Matter What

Being one of the largest national independent refuelling distributors in Canada with over 200 fuel tankers across the country gives us a huge advantage.  We can deliver fuel anytime and anywhere.  We work with a multitude of companies and secondary supply sources across the country.  So you can trust 4Refuel to keep your business going even in the event of a fuel shortage.

At 4Refuel, safety is our number one priority. With direct-to-equipment refuelling, we significantly reduce your risks of spills and contamination compared to using above ground or in-ground storage tanks. We follow strict national safety standards and operate with professionalism and reliability.

Exceptional People You Can Count On

Your relationship with 4Refuel begins with one of our Fuel Consultants; a dedicated local resource who understands your region, your industry, and what’s important to you. Their job is to take care of your fuel needs, share industry knowledge and best practices, and design a fuel delivery program to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our Certified Refuelling Professionals provide service on-site, and have the highest level of certification in the fuel handling industry. They are fully trained to handle any type of equipment or vehicle from transport trucks and construction equipment, to locomotives and marine vessels. Our Operations team will start things off, and continue to work closely with you to ensure we understand and meet your changing fuel needs.

Our Dispatch & Customer Service team is available 24/7 to answer your call and provide support.  With call centers in Ontario and Quebec, you can speak to a live person in Canada, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we are always working for you

Powerful & Sophisticated Fuel Reporting

4Refuel’s Fuel Management Online (FMO) tool helps you track where every drop of fuel goes, down to each individual piece of equipment. The gold standard for fuel management, FMO is easy to use and gives you the power of comprehensive reporting.

Track fuel consumption by unit, cost per period, efficiency by truck class or vehicle group, and performance against budget. Quickly and easily detect fuel misappropriation and other fuel consumption anomalies. With FMO, there’s no guesswork. Regain control and spend less time managing fuel, so you can focus on managing your fleet.

More Benefits

4Refuel is recognized among the safest and most environmentally responsible by leading insurer and petroleum industry specialist: Federated Insurance of Canada.

Recommended for convenience and reliability by over 97% of clients in surveys conducted by Ryerson University Research.

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