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ATLANTIC CANADA | June 14, 2021

It’s Official, 4Refuel is a Great Place to Work®

We are proud to announce that we have been certified as a Great Place to Work® after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience. We are committed to provide employees a safe and positive work ...

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    Blog Posts | June 21, 2018
    Another Fuel Shortage Over
    With refineries back online, diesel supply has returned to normal across Ontario. We are pleased to confirm that all 4Refuel clients received fuel during the three-week long crisis, which caused many retail stations and card locks to close and limited many suppliers' access to fuel. 4Refuel’s vast supply network and fleet of over 220 tanker trucks across North ...
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    Blog Posts | June 14, 2018
    Storage Tanks, a Convenience or Liability?
    Nobody likes hassle. That’s why many companies have made the decision to use on site fuel storage tanks. It makes sense, right? There’s the convenience of having the fuel you need close at hand, no need to drive to a card lock, and access of course 24/7. What could possibly go wrong? While on-site fuel storage tanks do ...
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    Blog Posts | May 24, 2018
    Is Your Business Prepared For Hurricane Season?
    Hurricane season is around the corner. After an active year in 2017, experts predict the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season to be similar, bringing as many as five major storms. Beginning June 1 and running until November 30, Atlantic Hurricane Season impacts the southeastern United States, as well as the entire Eastern Seaboard, including the Canadian Maritimes. Though we ...
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    Blog Posts | May 17, 2018
    4Refuel Regional Manager Celebrates Nephew’s Promotion to NHL GM
    It’s all in the family for 4Refuel Regional Operations Manager, Tim Dubas. Growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Dubas says his family was accustom to hard work, in fact, they didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Tim and his two brothers watched as their father rolled up his sleeves and worked at the steel mill ...
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    Blog Posts | May 8, 2018
    4Refuel Human Resource Director Completes Five Boro Bike Tour
    Getting around the Five Boroughs of New York is one of the best ways to experience the Big Apple. In fact, experiencing them all in one day makes for one heck of an adventure. 4Refuel’s Human Resources Director, Lynne Harkness, did just that, but rather than on an open-top double-decker bus or by way of a subway ...
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