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Supporting Fort McMurray


May 9, 2016

The fires in Fort McMurray have caused immeasurable damage to the city and displaced its residents. 4Refuel has proudly served the community of Fort McMurray for many years and we are deeply saddened by the current events.

4Refuel – Impacts to Our Team and Our Customers

From the onset, our first priority has been the safety of our team members and their families.  We are happy to confirm that everyone is safe.  Our facility is located on the south end of Fort McMurray, and while the fires have moved closer, there is no damage.  Our access to fuel is not affected.  We are able to fulfill the needs of all of our clients across Alberta.  Contact us 24/7 for service at 1-888-4Refuel or www.4refuel.com

Ray Leveille and Michael Rose

4Refuel – Our Contribution to the Emergency Effort

When the town of Fort McMurray was evacuated on Tuesday May 3rd, the 4Refuel team drove one of our mobile onsite refuelling trucks to the fire hall and volunteered our services as part of the relief effort.  That truck began refuelling fire trucks and other emergency equipment on the front lines.  We were quickly deemed an integral part of the essential service group, and we began to mobilize more resources.

Michael Rose and Dan Gates at the Command Center

Since Tuesday, we have scaled our operations in response to the expanding requirement for fuel.  Currently we have five Certified Refuelling Professionals operating three trucks during the day and another two throughout the night.  We are providing 24 hour direct to equipment fuel service to emergency response vehicles and related equipment across the town of Fort McMurray.

Direct radio connection between emergency services personnel and the 4Refuel team facilitates fuel requests, enabling the 4Refuel team to bring fuel to sites across Fort McMurray as needed.  Our high-tech trucks have been adapted to carry both diesel and gasoline to meet fuel requirements of all types of vehicles and equipment.  The 4Refuel team of Certified Refuelling Professional is expertly providing tank to tank diesel and gasoline refuelling services for fire trucks, light duty vehicles, dozers and remediation equipment across Fort McMurray.

4Refuel is leveraging its extensive supplier network to ensure ongoing access to fuel.  Since there is no fuel available in Fort McMurray, and most local sources between Fort Mac and Edmonton are running low or out of fuel, we are transporting fuel from other areas as needed.

The 4Refuel team is safely lodged north of the city with firefighting teams and other essential personnel.  They have been tirelessly working 12-hour shifts or longer to ensure continued fuel service to emergency response equipment.  The 4Refuel teams in the other branches of Alberta are on standby to provide assistance and personnel relief as required.

Stephen Lea

“Our thoughts go to out to all those impacted by the fires, including many of our own employees and partners.” says John Gleason, President and CEO, 4Refuel.  “Today we are doing everything we can to support the emergency effort to save Fort Mac, and we will continue to do so for as long as our services are needed.  We also commit that we will be there to help the city and its residents rebuild when that time comes.”