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Unlike fuel delivery agents who just deliver fuel, 4Refuel provides a better fuel management solution. 

As any fleet manager can tell you, fuelling trucks and equipment isn't the same as gassing your car. It takes longer and involves many moving parts. There's the cost of labour, time away from productivity, theft and waste, administration and overhead, and not an insignificant risk to workplace safety, environment and community.

A 4Refuel Fuel Consultant can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency. If your business uses a variety of equipment types, uses a mixture of site tanks and card-locks, operates in multiple locations or if workplace and environmental safety are chief concerns. 

streamline supply, reduce downtime

First we understand and then build a fuel logistics program that saves you money. The essence is streamlining delivery, timing and automated tracking based on

  • how much fuel you need
  • how often
  • in what types of equipment
  • at what locations
  • other priorities such as safety and environment

environmental advantages come standard

Just by using 4Refuel, your company reduces its environmental risk profile. If you're using direct to equipment fuelling, you're also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Using FMO can help you lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions. And when 4Refuel handles your fuel needs, you're reducing the risk of environmental contamination and costly clean-ups.

Being part of an environmental solution means preventing risks from ever materializing.

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I am happy to recommend 4Refuel for the excellent service they provide. Whatever I need/require, they find a way to deliver/find a solution. Dealing with your team is a pleasure.

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