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Our Fuel Management System

4Refuel's exclusive Fuel Management Online® provides the most detailed fuel management reporting available anywhere. During each fuel delivery, with a wave of a fuel wand, data is relayed direct from the field to secure servers, verified and then posted to private client accounts within FMO®.

No other fuel supplier lets you export your fuel data or import vehicle records into a reporting system that can analyze fuel efficiency, measure budget variance and even review GPS shots of deliveries. 

FMO shows you exactly where your fuel goes

Think of what centralized reporting of all your fuel purchases for your entire organization could do for you. FMO pulls together all your business information, lets you see where your fuel dollars are going and isolate areas for investigation or improvement.

incredible reporting power, surprising simplicity

Surprisingly simple to use for such a powerful tool, FMO is available at no charge to all 4Refuel clients and comes with support and training to ensure you get all the benefits of total fuel management.

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Businesses are driving a higher return on every fuel dollar. How are they doing this?

Get Fuel. Anywhere. Anytime

I've elevated our company fuel reporting to a new level with FMO. I don't have to wait for reports or summaries from the back office, I just go online and it's all there within days of delivery. FMO helps me track and improve our fuel use.

Vice President Operations