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Fuel delivery 24/7 - emergency fuel delivery | 4Refuel

Ensure Efficient Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery 24/7 - emergency fuel delivery | 4Refuel

We fill almost 400,000 tanks a year for over 6,000 accounts that consume nearly one billion litres. We manage fuel for businesses of all sizes, from leading corporations to growing enterprises.

the power of the 4Refuel fleet

Supply is critical. Without fuel your business grinds to a halt. Not only does 4Refuel support you with over 130 tankers across the country, we deliver without fail direct to your equipment and tanks.

always here to answer your call

4Refuel is on call 24/7 for emergency service, unforeseen shortages and last minute deliveries. Our service teams are on call all day and night to answer your need and dispatch fuel supply to your equipment. Anywhere. Anytime.

supply through fuel shortages

Through major fuel crises in Ontario and Alberta, 4Refuel insulated clients. Unlike branded agents who can draw from only one supply, 4Refuel draws from all the refineries. We even transport fuel from other provinces and states to keep our clients fuelled and their equipment moving.

put the power of 24/7 on your side

You won't find a more reliable partner than 4Refuel. When you need fuel, we're there to provide fuel anywhere, anytime.

Find out more about 4Refuel service from our Fuel Consultants.

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Businesses are driving a higher return on every fuel dollar. How are they doing this?

Get Fuel. Anywhere. Anytime

4Refuel’s excellent service and immaculate safety record keeps my drivers and my trucks on the road serving our clients. It's a service I've come to rely on

Regional Fleet Manager, Ontario

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Your quick response to our request contributed a great deal...thank you for your valuable contribution

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