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Dyed Diesel for Off-Road

Learn More about Red or Dyed Diesel

Dyed diesel is also called coloured, red, purple or off-road diesel. Dyed diesel is a lower-tax category of fuel used by marine vessel, agricultural equipment, construction sites and applications that don't add wear to roads and highways. Vehicles and equipment travelling on roads must use clear fuel.

Businesses must have a provincial tax exemption number before they may purchase dyed fuels.

assurance of supply

4Refuel is the only mobile fuel supplier that buys from all major refineries. Unlike fuel agents who must draw from one source regardless of price and even during fuel shortages (reduced daily allocation arising from supply problems), 4Refuel has many fuel source options, price leverage and the ability to fulfill our commitment to keep your tanks fuelled.

4Refuel also supplies dyed biodiesel in standard and custom blends, to tanks and direct to equipment.

seasonal types of diesel

All fuel supplied by 4Refuel meets the ASTM quality specification and is drawn from the major refineries whose processing follows ISO fuel quality standards.

The composition of diesel fuel is adjusted for seasonal temperatures. Diesel fuel is classified as 1D, 2D and 4D according to viscosity and pour point (the lowest temperature at which the liquid will flow). In Canada, two of these types are commonly available: 1D (also called Type A) which is used most of the year and 2D (Type B) which is a lighter diesel used in colder, winter months.

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