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Direct to (DTL) fueling

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Our experienced fuel consultants and operations team analyze the fuel requirements of your operation and create the most efficient fuelling solution for your operation. Our specialized level of service goes beyond just delivery and helps clients maximize their productivity and minimize fuel costs.

Our service is available 24/7, day or night, so you can get the fuel you need when it makes the most sense for you.

workplace safety

With a fleet of over 130 high tech tankers across the country, we can load fuel directly into the tanks of virtually any equipment or tank. Our Certified Refuelling Professionals are trained to ISO-based standards in workplace and environmental safety.

environmental safety

Our operations-safety team has years of experience in the rail industry and provides specialized rail-safety training to CRPs visiting your site and can include any of your specific requirements into the program.

fuel security

Our professional fuel handling reduces instances of theft, misappropriation and spillage, all of which can harm productivity and hamper cost management.

managing costs

Only 4Refuel gives you access to powerful, web-based fuel management called FMO®. This online system tracks all of your fuel transactions and consumption details for each piece of equipment and produces a range of reports that let you see how you use fuel so you use less and cut costs.

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We've been using 4Refuel since 2009 and have been satisfied with their service and safety record. They are more than capable in DTL (direct to locomotive) and yard fuelling services

Manager, Procurement, Fuel Supply

national standards program

4Refuel's QSE national standards program assures consistent standards of Quality of service, workplace Safety and Environmental protection and is the fuel management industry's only ISO-based operating standard.